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1/2 beef runs about $1500 (225 to 250 lbs of meat) 
Here is an example of what’s in a half of beef: 
• 150 lbs of hamburger
• 4 packages of stew beef
• 6 ribeyes
• 2 briskets 4-6 lbs each
• 4 chuck roasts 4-6 lbs reach
• 6 sirloin steaks 
• Sirloin tip roast
• 3 fillets steaks
• 5 New York strip steaks
• 4 rump roasts 4-6 lbs
• Swiss steaks 4 per package - 16 of these

1/4 beef is $800 and whole beef will be $3000. This is the total, price cow and processing.


We are proud to work with our neighbors at LT Farm Meats with our partnership you are able to provide your family with the highest quality farm raised pork, chicken and lamb to go with our beef products. We are pleased to offer pickup of their meats at our farm.

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We work hard to raise a superior quality beef product. Our calves are feed a diet of grain and hay that is raised right here on our farm in Stilesville, Indiana. We research and use the best genetic information on our Angus bulls to grow a lean and highly marbled carcass.

We have partnered with This Old Farm processing in Colfax, Indiana to provide you with a USDA certified product. They use a dry aging method that locks in the delicious flavor of our farm grown beef. This Old Farm provides us with yield and grade information that show our calves consistently grading high choice and prime. We are proud to be a certified Indiana Grown Member. We sell freezer beef in wholes, halves, and quarters and individual cuts can be ordered and picked up directly at the farm.


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