Bull Customer Buy Back Program

With impending uncertainty within the grocery store shelves we have decided to launch a new program at Brock Farms Angus Cattle.  

In 2020, we saw sales on the freezer beef side of our business boom.  We had more appointments than we did cattle.  This sent us on a search for high-quality feeder cattle to finish and sell to our beef customers.  That got us thinking about how we could tie a few different parts of our customer base together.  In preparation for the spring breeding season, we take extra care to really study genetics to try and produce the best beef possible.  We also take the opportunity to get our steers yield and quality graded to see if our mating’s are paying off.  Of course, not every calf on the farm ends up in the feedlot either.  We use these same genetic findings to help us sell bulls, too.

That’s why we would like to offer the opportunity for former bull buyers to sell us their feeder calves, out of our bulls, at a premium price to help us meet our demand.  We want to offer this premium to the buyers who trusted our program and be able to utilize cattle that have similar genetic makeups as ours.  If you are interested in more information about this program, please contact David at 317-445-5953.

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