Harvest 2019

Ahh harvest time, you are back again old friend.  A friend we love to see, but one we know is a lot and I mean A LOT of work.  Fall is a crazy busy time for us farmers, whether you are weaning calves or shelling corn, fall always means work.  Even if you aren’t in agriculture directly doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by harvest, in fact the exact opposite.  So how do you survive fall? Here’s some of our tips for ag folks and city friends.

  • Remember who you’re working for. Farmers, chances are you aren’t the first generation on your farm. Remember those generations before you.  You’re carrying on a tradition and passing that on to your future generations.  Remember who’s watching you, those little eyes are soaking up everything you do and they’re wanting to be just like you some day.
  • Take a chance to say thank you. To your grain cart drivers, your custom harvesters, your truck drivers, grain buyers.  Non-farm friends- to your local farmers and producers.  Tensions run so high this time of year.  Untimely rains, long lines, busy roads, less than ideal weather, the list goes on and on.  Remember we are all trying to do our job, and a little kindness really can go a long way.
  • This one is the most important- be safe. On the roads, in the fields, in the shop, wherever you go.  Non-farm drivers remember we are just trying to get from field to field, we are not trying to be in your way.  An extra few minutes to wait until it is safe to pass can literally save lives.  Each year there are way too many accidents that involve farm equipment, drive safe around us.  Pull over on narrow roads, wait until it is safe to pass, allow extra time in your commute.  Farmers, you a running a million miles an hour with the fuel light on.  Please take a moment to check all your equipment, check on your help, check on yourself.  It is so easy to look over something minor that can turn into a huge incident.  Taking the time can save your life, your equipment, and your time in the long run.

Harvest is so hectic for all.  But from all of us here at Brock Farms Angus Cattle we wish you a safe and plentiful harvest.  Psalm 67:6 says, “The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us.”  We hope you take a moment to soak in God’s blessings this season.

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