Our Story

Andy, Courtney, Hadleigh, and Baylor

In 1990 David graduated from Vincennes University and came back to the family farm. He had the opportunity to rent a farm that had a herd of Hereford cattle that came with it. He saw this as his ticket out of the hog barns and took it. From there he has grown and adapted our operation to where it is today. Adding in Angus genetics as we went along we’ve become a herd of purebred and Angus based commercial cattle. We take pride in raising Angus bulls that balance calving ease with efficient growth and carcass to provide exceptional calves. We make it our priority to breed angus females that are sound, functional, and display genetic excellence in the show ring and more importantly in the pasture. We have a progressive embryo transfer program to help accelerate our top genetics. We are also using embryos from our proven winners to raise great angus show heifers and angus show steers. Brock Farms Angus Cattle believes in helping youth be successful with their project whether that is purchasing a heifer or steer. Andy and Katie were both 10 year 4H members and we watched all the great skills they gained in 4H and strive to help other kids learn important lessons of responsibility and hard work in achieving their goals.

Collin, Katie, and Charlie

The other side of our farm is our freezer beef division. Brock Farms Freezer Beef was born in 1997. Kris began selling freezer beef in wholes, halves, and quarters to friends we went to church with. Growing from 4 or 5 a year to 80 plus was not an overnight endeavor. Gradually we grew every year until 2020. It seemed like during the pandemic everyone wanted to know where their food came from, and we were more than willing to help that happen. During this time we learned that not everyone who wants farm fresh beef, wants to buy wholesale. We started stocking our freezers with individual cuts to sell. Today we are open three days a week to sell beef to the community. This has allowed us to bring on Courtney to manage our freezer beef business.

David and Kris

Our family is ever expanding. If you stopped by the farm you would probably find all of us here, working together. In 2022, Katie and Collin got married and welcomed their baby girl February 15, 2024. In December of 2023, Andy and Courtney got married. They have Hadleigh and Baylor to keep them busy. We are truly blessed to get to work together as a family each day.

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