Thank You to Our Bull Buyers

With the blooming of flowers and the chirping of the birds, we know spring is here.  On the farm, spring doesn’t only mean lovely flowers and warm sun, it means it’s time to get to work.  Although due to weather we haven’t had the chance to get into the fields yet, we have had a very successful bull sale season.  We are so appreciative to our loyal bull buyers and are excited to welcome new buyers into our family.  Thank you to Pat Snyder, Snyder Bros. from Ferdinand, Indiana for your purchase of BFAC Denver 1851 (AAA 19233964) and Jeff Stenftenagel from Jasper, Indiana for your purchases BFAC Erica Big Sky 1852 (AAA 19213616) , both in the Indiana Beef Performance Evaluation (IBEP) Winter Test Sale.  We appreciate your business.  We also sincerely appreciate those who come to our farm to look at our bulls and pick one out.  Thank you to Rocky Kenworthy of Monrovia, Indiana for your purchase of BFAC Grand Insight 1853 (AAA 19214591).  Thank you to our earlier season buyers, Joe Williams, WindMar Farms of Plainfield, Indiana for your purchase of BFAC Smokem 1752 (AAA 18964146) and Harvey Hartman of Rosedale, IN and Kole Ames of Greencastle, IN for your purchases. In a really competitive bull market here in Indiana we are very fortunate to have great customers who trust our genetics in their herds.  If you are still searching for bulls, we have some really high quality, high performance type bulls available!  Contact us to come see them!

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