Lady O138

Lady O138 won reserve early fall heifer calf champion at the 2019 Atlantic National Super Point Roll of Victory (ROV) Angus Show, May 26 in Timonium, Md. Katie Brock, Stilesville, Ind., owns the winning heifer. Photo by Megan Blankenship, on behalf of the American Angus Association.

Thank You to Our Bull Buyers

With the blooming of flowers and the chirping of the birds, we know spring is here.  On the farm, spring doesn’t only mean lovely flowers and warm sun, it means it’s time to get to work.  Although due to weather we haven’t had the chance to get into the fields yet, we have had a very successful bull sale season.  …

The American Family Farm

Often times when meeting new people in the small talk it comes up that as a family we farm.  This of course in turn brings the question about what kind of farm we have. Right now it seems like we have a mud farm… but we know that isn’t how it will be all the time, eventually the mud will …

Calving Season

Calving season is long, it’s cold, it’s gross sometimes too, but gosh these sweet faces make it all worth it!

This is Who We Are

Around our farm everyone has a job, it truly is a family business.  David, Andy, and Collin take care of the cattle every day, Kris sells the freezer beef and takes care of records for the Angus Cattle, and Katie helps manage our marketing and takes photos around our farm.   We all enjoy working with the show cattle. Around here …